Thursday, 30 April 2015


With the arrival of the warmer weather, we have become gardeners.  The children loved planting their seeds and are thrilled that the flowers and vegetables have already started growing.  We are also watching the bottom piece of lettuce grow new lettuce leaves simply by placing it in a container with water!!




                                               OUR PLANTING SENSORY BIN                                                    

We have also started blending sounds as a pre-reading skill in French.  The students are catching on quickly!!  Please feel free to practice with your child at home.

ba be bi bo bu
da de di do du
fa fe fi fo fu
la le li lo lu
ma me mi mo mu
na ne ni no nu
pa pe pi po pu
ra re ri ro ru
sa se si so su
ta te ti to tu

We are learning these using song and a flashcard game and the students are really enjoying it! I hope to teach the sounds specific to French before the end of the year such as "on, en, an, in, oi, eau, ai".

finally, I am very sorry to have to miss the muffin breakfast and open house next Friday.  I was going to visit as it is my day off, however my kids' open house happens to be on Friday morning as well.  I hope you enjoy your visit to our class!!

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