Saturday, 17 October 2015

What have we been up to?

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! In Team Hummingbird we have been talking about different colours, and colour mixing. We also did an experiment using crayons and a hair dryer to see what would happen when the crayons got too hot. The students made predictions about what they thought would happen before we started:

"It's going to make a splatter all over the board!" (Elise)
"The crayons are going to get hot." (Ethan)
"They're going to change colours." (Zoey)
"The crayons are going to melt." (Liam)

After we completed the experiment, we talked about what we observed:

"The longer we used the dryer, the more colours came down." (Christopher)
"The crayons were getting shorter." (Eva)
"The dryer was hot and made all the colours change." (Andrew)
"The colours were mixing." (Abby)

Some other class updates:
Yesterday, Team Hummingbird visited our school library for the first time! They did a great job, and were very excited to pick out their own book and receive their library bag. The library bag acts as your child's library card - there is a bar code on the bag that we use when signing the books out of the library. It is very important that this bag be returned to school each week, as without this bag your child may not take out another book. We will be going to the library every Friday, so we ask that all books and bags be returned by Thursday. Please note that if the book or bag is lost or misplaced, you may be charged a fee to have it replaced. 

With the cooler weather fast approaching, we ask that you please check your child's extra clothes and make sure they have some clothing here at school that is appropriate for the cooler temperatures. If you would like us to send home their extra clothes, please leave a note in your child's note tote. 

Information will be sent home very soon regarding accessing the Raz Kids online reading program as well as Dreambox Math. We introduced Dreambox on the iPads last week, and the students were very excited about it! If you have any problems accessing either program, please let us know!

Scholastic book orders for October were sent home last week, and are due back on Friday, October 23. If you did not receive a flyer, please let us know, as we have a few extra copies. A reminder that payment this year can be made online - please select Carina Quinn as your child's teacher (Mme Brooking will handle the Scholastic orders for the Chickadee class). 

Enjoy the weekend!
Ms. Quinn


  1. The melted crayons turned out great! I just told Maddy that we will be able to do Dreambox Math and she is very excited! She said it is lots of fun and can't wait!

  2. Thanks - it was my first time doing this experiment, so I was glad it turned out. Maddy loved playing Dreambox on the iPad, so I hope she enjoys it at home too!