Monday, 2 February 2015


Bonjour les Parents!

Following are a few reminders for some of our upcoming events:

SWEATER DAY THURSDAY:  There will be different categories judged during sweater day this Thursday:
1. most creative
2. business attire
3. cutest sweater
4. fluffiest sweater
5. wackiest sweater
6. best eco friendly sweater
7. coziest sweater

Please note that the heat will be turned down in the school on Thursday to promote energy conservation.

HUMANE SOCIETY PRESENTATION:  Wednesday, February 11th  ***Please return permission forms this week.  Without permission, your child cannot participate.

BUCKET FILLER AND VALENTINE'S DAY CELEBRATION:  Friday, February 13th  ***Please return permission forms this week.  Without permission, your child cannot enjoy the special snack from their teachers.

Please note that we ask your child to write "to: my friend" OR "to: mon ami / amie" on the Valentine cards this year.  There will be many activities going on due to the bucket filler celebration therefore we would like for our Valentine card delivery to run easily and smoothly.  Thank you for your understanding!

JUNGLESPORT:  Wednesday, February 18th and Friday, February 20th.  Permission forms and information will be sent home shortly.

STUDENTS BEING DROPPED OFF:  Please note that students are to be dropped off outside at the gate beside the parking lot.  The students play outside in the side yard until the bell at 9:05. Students are not to be dropped off before 8:50 as there is no supervision before then.  Thank you for your understanding!

 So many fun things to look forward to!  It's going to be a great month!!

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