Tuesday, 4 November 2014


What better way than to compare solids and liquids than to play with SLIME!!  At carpet time, the children were asked if they think slime is a solid, a liquid or both.  This was done in French and with a few props, the children easily understood the concept of "Est-ce que de la slime est une solide, un liquide ou les 2"?    They then got to play with the slime and record their decision.

Here are some of the verbal observations made while palying with the slime:  

"I can make a ball"  - Makayla
"It's bouncy" - Mackaelyn
"It's slippery" - Rosemary
"It stretches!" - Maverick
"It's hard to cut" - Makayla

After some discussion, the majority agreed that the slime was in fact both solid and liquid.  Here are some observations made during the discussion:

"C'est liquide because it's wiggly." -Faith
"C'est liquide because it's slippery." - Makayla
"Les 2 because it's really gooey." - Rosemary
"It's both because it's gooey" - Andrea

Those a direct quotes from the kids. I was so pleased that they made an effort to use one of our French popcorn words "c'est" and the word being studied to express themselves!!

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